Bluerailroad is an ever-expanding web magazine of the arts that celebrates and honors music and musicians and all the other arts.

The chief editor, writer and photographer is Paul Zollo:

His email is:


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For information on Bluerailroad, Zollo and all things Zollo: 818.763-8149

Zollo is the author of the book Songwriters On Songwriting, Expanded Edition, published by Da Capo Press. bookFor a signed copy of this book, send a check or money order for $30.00 (which includes shipping) to:


12162 Califa Street

North Hollywood, California 91607



To order a signed copy of Paul Zollo’s CD Orange Avenue


send a check or money-order for $20.00 (which includes shipping)



12162 Califa Street

North Hollywood, California 91607


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Paul,

    Words are the pallette from which I create my lyrics, but they fail me miserably in attemptin’ to express my gratitude for such a generous & flatterin’ review!! All that comes to mind is THANK YOU…

    Pocket G

  2. hey pual, i met u in venice and you took our picture in our van and i was wondering how i could see them. also keep on keepin on i dig what you do. especially with your family.


  3. Hi Paul… long time…. I just got back in touch with Dolly after many many years, she spilled the beans on the Sunset Cahuenga book.. naturally I absolutely MUST read can this happen?

    Very Best, David Z.

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