Reason to Rejoice: A New Album of Unreleased Songs from Terre & Maggie Roche

Terre & Maggie Roche, “Kin Ya See That Sun”

Terre Roche – acoustic guitar, singing
Maggie Roche – acoustic guitar, singing
Produced by Lisa Brigantino & Terre Roche
Audio Restoration & Mastering: Thomas Millioto
Live Recording Engineer: Pat Tessitore
Music by Margaret A. Roche; Words by Terre Roche.
Published by Nabithius Music (ASCAP)
©℗ 2022 Earth Rock Wreckerds. All rights reserved.


Terre Roche, who is legendary for being one-third of the beloved, brilliant, whimsical and wise trio of sisters known as The Roches, has already delivered a great bounty of singularly inspirational musical reasons to rejoice.

Now she’s unveiling a new and seriously great one: the upcoming release of the album Kin Ya See That Sun, which will be released digitally on October 21. An historic and luminously lovely collection of unreleased early recordings by Terre and Maggie, who were a duo in the mid-70s prior to their little sister Suzzy’s inclusion in the group, it’s a great and long-unexpected delight. It’s also a sound and shimmering reason to lift up our hearts. Again. It will be digitally released on Friday, October 21.

Jersey girls from Park Ridge, The Roches first fell in love with folk music before setting off to perform their own songs at college campuses around the country. The two sisters toured America by themselves, for more than two years, with 17-year-old Terre completing her senior year of high school by doing homework and exams while on the road.

Suzzy, Terre & Maggie Roche, from bottom to top.

Paul Simon met them when they attended his songwriting class at the New School in New York.  He would come to produce part of their album Seductive Reasoning and enlist them to sing background harmonies on his third solo album, 1973’s There Goes Rhymin’ Simon, on the sunny classic “Was A Sunny Day,” accompanied by a sweetly joyous photo of the two sisters smiling.

There Goes Rhymin’ Simon, Paul Simon’s second solo album, and the only one with Maggie & Terre Roche, on “Was A Sunny Day.”

With his support, they made their official debut as a duo with 1975’s now-classic Seductive Reasoning, featuring production from Simon on one song, and that of Paul Samwell-Smith (Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Jethro Tull), and backing by the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

With the addition of Suzzy, the duo became The Roches, and made their great self-titled debut in 1979. The forementioned duo album – now a mostly secret and beloved classic – was the first and final time we heard the Maggie & Terre duo.

Until now, that is!

“I was 12 years old, ” wrote Terre about the origins of this album and song, “and Maggie was 13. We were just learning to play guitar. We’d learned off a PBS special called Folk Guitar With Laura Weber – I’ve always regretted that I never wrote Laura Weber a fan letter, and sadly she has passed away – but she taught us a bunch of guitar chords, strums and very cool folk songs we had never heard before.

“Maggie gave me this set of lyrics, and I wrote the music for it. Though we had never traveled beyond our New Jersey home, we had a longing to go out West.”

Maggie died in 2017. Two years later, Terre received live recordings from two different people who had recorded her and Maggie performing in 1975 and 2000. Here were many of the songs from Seductive Reasoning as they were originally arranged, just two voices and two guitars. Highlights include powerful performances of fan favorites like “Telephone Bill” and “Damned Old Dog” (recorded during a 1975 promotional tour) and the classic “If You Emptied Out All Your Pockets You Could Not Make the Change,” the latter recorded during Terre and Maggie’s acclaimed run of concerts in 2000. All live recordings featured on Kin Ya See That Sun were restored and mastered by Thomas Millioto. 

01 “Apostrophe To The Wind”
02 “Damned Old Dog”
03 “Down The Dream”
04 “If You Emptied Out All Your Pockets You Could Not Make The Change”
05 “Kin Ya See That Sun”
06 “Malachy’s”
07 “Moonruns”
08 “Pretty And High”
09 “Telephone Bill”
10 “The Burden Of Proof”
11 “The Colleges”
12 “The Mountain People”
13 “West Virginia”
14 “Wigglin Man”
15 “Blabber Mouth”

Kin Ya See That Sun will rise on October 21, and then soar. This is one not to drop.

It’s pure Terre and Maggie Roche , doing arrangements of songs they did when they were teenagers traveling around the country to play on the college coffee house circuit.

The digital audio release will also be part of a book with lyrics, photographs, drawings, and recollections from various people who remember Terre and Maggie from way back then.

The book and audio album will be released together on October 21st; you can now pre-order the book here. Anyone who purchases the book will get it shipped to you for free, as well as a free digital download of the audio album.

Pre-order it here:

Kin Ya See That Sun will also be released as a limited-edition book featuring illustrations by Terre, song lyrics, rare photographs, exclusive new interview excerpts, and additional background about the project (all book purchases receive a digital download of the album). The book is available for pre-order now.

Maggie & Terre Roche. This is the original cover of Seductive Reasoning, their debut album as a duo, before becoming The Roches, which expanded into a trio when their sister Suzzy joined.

# # #

Kin Ya See That Sun further collects never-before-heard songs such as “The Colleges” and “Apostrophe to the Wind” alongside exclusive outtakes from Seductive Reasoning including “Pretty and High” (later re-recorded for The Roches’ eponymous debut) and the previously unreleased gem, “Moonruns,” both produced in London by Samwell-Smith.

“Working on this project has brought me back in touch with the deep spiritual connection Maggie and I shared,” Terre said. “You can hear that connection in these songs. Hearing the music we made together amazes me after all these years. And I feel her gratitude toward me, wherever she is now, for shepherding the songs in their pure form through some tough terrain and on out into the light for everyone to hear.” 

Terre Roche Sparkling in the Sun

Terre will celebrate the release of Kin Ya See That Sun with a special performance at New York City’s City Winery on Laura Nyro’s birthday, October 18, at 7:30pm. Tickets are on sale now.

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